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The GrowKit w/ 10w GrowLight

The GrowKit w/ 10w GrowLight

11 Plant Hydroponic Grow Kit with Full Spectrum 10w Grow Light & all essentials to start indoor hydroponic farming.

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The GrowKit is an 11 Planter Hydroponics learning kit which includes all accessories and resources to act as either a teaching or a self learning course for A to Z Hydroponics.

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Dimension: 60 cm x 7 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 3.7 kg
Material: Galvanized Steel
In the box: Steel GrowChannel (11 planter) with Fertigation Well cap | 11 BPA-free Net Pots | LECA balls (750 ml) | Horticulture grade 5.0-7.5 pH strips | TDS meter | MACRO and MICRO Nutrients 100ml each | pH Down (20ml) | 2 Knob screws | 10w 2 feet GrowLight with magnets attached to the back | Light-holding manifold with a 3mtr 2-pin plug | Oxygenation pump and pump pipe | Germination kit with Humidity chamber and Cocopeat | Lettuce, Amaranthus, Fenugreek, Coriander, Spinach seeds | Water Level stick
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Steel GrowKit

Where to keep?

Place anywhere in your house, with good ventilation. Consider placing the product in a room with consistent temperature and humidity levels.

Lano AgriTech GrowKit

Breathe minimalism.

Minimalist design, blends into any environment. This product's aesthetic simplicity ensures it complements any decor effortlessly.

Flex much?

A conversation started, let people know how conscious (and cool) you are. Let people know how much water and space you save growing Hydroponically!

Why Lano?

Lano AgriTech GrowKit

  • ✓ Lead-Free

    Grow with confidence knowing that GrowKit is safe from harmful Lead.

  • ✓ Leak & Rust Proof

    It won't leak, it won't rust, in Galvanized powder coated steel we trust.

  • ✓ Lasts Decades

    The only Grow kit you can pass down to next generation.

  • ✓ NO Chemical Leaching

    Our Special Coating on top of already safe material Protects your Plants from Harmful Toxins.

  • ✓ Exceptional Service

    Instruction Manual with dedicated support. Call 9am to 9pm for any help with growing!

Cheap PVC Kits

  • ✗ Lead present

    Harmful Lead is used in the Moulding process and that Lead creeps in the Food you grow in it.

  • ✗ Prone to leaks

    Cheap plastic kits are often prone to leaks and are simply overpriced PVC pipes.

  • ✗ Short Lifespan

    Not only does it have short lifespan, it is also harmful for the environment.

  • ✗ Chemical Leaching

    Use of Nutrients causes Chemical Leaching polluting your food more each day

  • ✗ Inconsistent Service

    Limited essentials and no support or paid support.

Lano agritech cover

Crafted with ♥ in India.