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GrowKit Comparison

Lano Agritech Growkit pro GrowKit Pro
Lano Agritech Growkit The GrowKit
Lano Agritech Growkit eco GrowKit Eco
Plants 11 11 11
GrowLight w/ adjustable stand 22W PortaSun 3yr warranty 10W PortaSun 1yr warranty
Seeds w/ Germination Kit 5 types of seeds 5 types of seeds 5 types of seeds
TDS Meter ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Submersible Recirculation Pump 5W 5W 5W
GrowChannel Powder Coated Marine Steel Powder Coated Marine Steel Powder Coated Marine Steel
Nutrients & pH Down ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
pH Detection pH Meter pH strips pH strips
Price ₹5400 ₹4300 ₹4050 ₹3350 ₹3200 ₹2350
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Most Hydroponic Kits use PVC pipes, are made through a process known as extrusion moulding. Extrusion Moulding is basically like a large superheated noodle maker where on the end there are PVC granules that are pushed through a die in molten form. For this Lead is added to the PVC granules to keep it evenly heated, it is nearly impossible to manufacture PVC pipes without the addition of Lead. 

Also PVC is not a food grade plastic it's only meant to carry water but not store acidic and salt concentrated water for extended periods of times, this holding of acidic nutrient rich water is exactly what is required of a hydroponic system. Food Grade Plastics in general have a usage time period of 3-7 years before they start degrading and leaching nano plastics.

Yes, all high quality plant nutrition has been synthetic since the green revolution, the harmful chemicals that one generally associated with agriculture are pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other hundreds of hostile chemicals that may be harmful to some form of organic life. 

High quality fertilisers are safe to grow with and eat through the plant, they also don’t pollute the agricultural land as other hostile chemicals do. Because we are practising fully controlled Hydroponic farming there will be no need for hostile chemicals as mentioned.

Hydroponic produce can be grown both organically and inorganically, this is completely dependent on the type of nutrients used. Synthetic nutrients will grow the produce much faster as they are easier to utilise by the plant whereas Organic Nutrients will grow the plants slower as they will require microorganisms to pre-digest them for the plant. The main thing to remember is in both cases you will get Poison-free food which is much more nutrient dense than anything grown conventionally.

Only the Essential Nutrients required by the plant are used in hydroponics and given directly via aclosed loop water recirculation system, these are categorised into 2 main types :

Primary Macro : Nitrogen(N), Phosporus(P), Potassium(K).

Secondary Macro : Calcium(Ca), Magnesium(Mg), Sulphur(S).

Micro : Carbon(C), Hydrogen(H), Oxygen(O), Iron(Fe), Manganese(Mn), Zinc(Zn), Boron(B), Molybdenum(Mo), Chlorine(Cl), Copper(Cu) and Nickel(Ni).

GrowLights are preferred over sunlight in a few scenarios such as: places with lack of extended periods of sunlight, people who do not have outdoor spaces and for vertical commercial hydroponic/ aeroponic set-ups, growing vertically allows us to increase planting density tremendously and uses less resources compared to growing flat.

GrowLights, as the name suggests, help with the efficient growth of a plant under a controlled environment.

Seedlings require lots of bright light devoid of which, they become weak and leggy, in most cases even the sunniest windows won't provide the intensity or duration of light they need, especially in winters.

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