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Rooted in Sustainability

Innovating sustainability with our in house 3D printing lab, Every product goes through multiple design renditions to calculate it’s mass manufacturing environmental impact and user experience.

Built to Last

Delivering Aerospace-Grade Precision Through Laser Technology, rapid production, with a tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm. Conscientious planning allows for conscious material usage.

Calibrated Precision

The Globe Spectroradiometer is a state of the art equipment, as big as a 4BHK in Mumbai ;) the machine can tell the exact spectrum being emitted from the light. It is used for designing and calibrating the spectrum of the light.

Learn Hydroponic farming

Shaping the future

& more..

Educational collaborations and Laboratory installations with forward thinking institutions. We are Re-Inventing Farming through Research and teaching students who will reshape the future.

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