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Who are we?

At our core we are driven by passion for Revolutionising Sustainable Development in the most important industry in the world, Food.

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Our Mission

We strive to make highly efficient and sustainable Urban Farming solutions for Commercial and Domestic Hydroponic applications such that food security issues remain a discussion of the past.

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A Sustainable Future

We aim to provide solutions for sustainable food production so that it is accessible to consumers of various economic background.

Our Journey

Lano AgriTech is a Chandigarh, India based organization that involves in manufacturing, exporting and supplying of Grow Lights, Grow Kit, Hydroponic Farming Machine etc. We are a research driven Controlled Agriculture Start-up with innovation at our core. Our aim is to provide the highest quality equipment at economics that make sense. We are manufacturers of Hydroponic Farms and Horticultural Grow Lights. Our products are designed in house with the help of Agri-Scientists, Growers, Product designers and our own years of field experience. Customers can avail these products at market leading price range around the globe.


Since the inception of the organization in the year 2020, our goal has always been to create revolutionary products that could be available to the masses and could play a role in cutting down our carbon footprint majorly. Hydroponics is the best possible field where such a product could be created as everyone needs food for survival if we could become more conscious of our food question where it came from, we would realise the inferior quality of the pesticide ridden food that we have been consuming and how bad it has been for our health. Disorders like auto-immune stem from such contaminated food. If we could grow our own food in our homes without being dependent on an underpaid farmer growing you’re a few hundred or a thousand kilometres away.


Being Growers ourselves, we have spent numerous amounts of time and money over the years trying to get the best and the highest quality products internationally and domestically. One thing we realised was that cheaper items lacked quality and the more expensive ones were too unreasonably priced to be sustainable. So we set out to backtrack the manufacturing processes and see where the costs go. The thing that came to clarity was that the companies were charging unreasonable margins because hydroponics is a niche. This was true to the spirit of capitalism but was disappointing. So we set out to make the highest quality products at accessible prices, and here we are the only Indian company giving out 30 months of warranty on our Grow light at half the price of our competitors.


It's time to step up and take control of your well-being and the planet's, because only a healthy human can make a healthy planet!

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