My Farm - Innovative hydroponics farm for home and commercial use

Hydroponics Upgraded

Make the free space of your premises into something useful. Start with a hydroponics farm with 'my farm' a tech under patent process. It can be used to grow any vegetables, fruits to any leafy greens.


  1. Clay Ball bed for reduced weight.
  2. Highly increased oxygenation of the root zone.
  3. Long life of Clay balls.
  4. Low cost of Clay balls.
  5. Tool Free Height.
  6. Adjustable 8 to 14 inches.
  7. Accommodates up to 9 layers.
  8. Multiple sizes of Clay balls for easy transplantation and to stop light leakage and algae growth.
  9. Easy Sterilisation and Cleaning is possible on the layer itself without removing anything.
  10. Plants can be directly planted into the bed so consumables like netpots are not required.
    Harvesting is easier as plants only need to be pulled out from the grow bed and no netpots are broken in the process.