The Whats and the Whys

What is a GrowLight?

Full Spectrum Horticultural Lighting Solution with High PAR and PPFD Output. It is used by commercial farms all over the country. A reassuring 2.5 YEAR WARRANTY is included.

Why do you need it?

SCIENCE BACKED, MADE WITH PASSION The entire photosynthetically active spectrum, ranging from 380 to 800nm. The led grow lamp is the first to use the newly discovered 500-580nm wavelength.

Why choose Lano?

Our mission to innovate the highest quality products at an accessible price for all drives us to be a research oriented company. We are the only hydroponics startup on the subcontinent that has developed proprietary technologies and has patents to its name.

Quality Assurance

Every product of ours is covered under warranty. For the GrowLights it being a conditional warranty of 2.5 year. Our 9-9 365 days helpline is there to assisst you for everything and anything hydroponics. We will handhold you through the growing process making sure that you grow and so do we with you. Lettuce know your concerns at +919876519966 Call or WhatsApp.

growlight for horticulture and hydroponics


With over 2 years of extensive research we have made the most cost efficient grow light in the world. This does not mean we cut corners in quality. The light is equipped with diodes, driver, housing from the best manufacturers in the world. To stand by it all we are the only Grow Light manufacturer in the world to replace the product no questions asked in a period of 2.5 years!

Instruction Manual

Download our comprehensive guide to get started with the GrowLights for all hydroponic purposes.

See Manual

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